The phrase “new year, new gear” may not be an actual saying yet, but maybe it should be. It is, after all, the time of year for starting over with a clean slate. What better time could there be to think about what pieces of gear we need to replace? Also, it’s super easy to remember. 

If you’re in the market for new gear, Klim has a handful of new jackets for both men and women to consider. All four are geared at hot weather riding, with a shared goal of keeping riders cool, comfortable, and protected from both impacts and abrasions. The redesigned Induction and Induction Pro are available in men’s sizes, while the Marrakesh and redesigned Avalon are sized for women. Let’s take a closer look at all four. 

It’s worth noting that all four of these new jackets carry a CE AA rating—one that covers the entire jacket, not merely the D3O armor tucked inside. That’s currently the second-highest CE safety rating that a piece of gear can have to meet current EU regulation EN17092. If you’re interested in an extremely detailed breakdown of what all the CE ratings mean and how rated garments are tested, Bennetts has one that was last updated in August, 2020. 

Three of the four jackets rely on Klim’s Karbonite Mesh as their primary body fabric, which the company says gives exceptional airflow, flexibility, durability, and comfort. The Marrakesh women’s jacket uses Karbonite Micromesh instead, which is a stretchy material with an open weave for controlled airflow.  

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The Induction Pro jacket adds CE level 2 D3O armor, and Klim calls it their most ventilated men’s jacket. Meanwhile, the Marrakesh women’s jacket uses CE level 1 D3O IP Ghost armor. All four jackets are available as of January, 2021 directly through Klim or authorized dealers. MSRP on the Induction is $349.99; the Induction Pro is $479.99; the Marrakesh is $369.99; and the Avalon is $349.99.  

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