Whether you leave it stock, give it a bit of a custom touch, or go all out with a full-on custom build, there's no denying that Royal Enfield's motorcycles are some of the best looking machines on the street. This stunning Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 from India has been customized to pay tribute to the Indian navy, and boy does it look good. 

At a glance, you can tell that this bike has been put together by a meticulous eye and talented hands. Commissioned by the owner, who is in fact an Indian navy officer, the folks at Eimor Customs went straight to work in transforming the already gorgeous Thunderbird 500 into a one of a kind machine befitting to a navy officer. For starters, the bike's body work remains predominantly stock, with a deep indigo paint job adorning the bike. Meant to represent the deep blue sea, the indigo color scheme is complemented by hand-painted golden pinstripes situated on the tank and the center panel.

This Custom Royal Enfield Thunderbird Is A Tribute To The Indian Navy
This Custom Royal Enfield Thunderbird Is A Tribute To The Indian Navy

 Subtle touches which nod to the Indian navy include the navy crest skillfully painted on the sides of the fuel tank, as well as the motto of the Indian Navi, "Shan No Varunah", which translates to "May Lord Varuna be Auspicious", with Varuna being referred to as the god of the oceans. Lastly, the insignia of the Indian armed forces is painted onto the left center panel of the motorcycle.

Paintwork aside, the folks at Eimor Customs fitted the Thunderbird 500 with a new LED headlight, and did away with the twin pod instrument panel in favor of a single unit for a cleaner aesthetic. A new tail light was also fitted to clean up the rear end nicely. To top it all off, the Thunderbird 500 now sings its song by way of a new SANS full exhaust system. Moving on to the bottom of the bike, the alloy wheels were swapped out in favor of spoked units to give the bike a more classic appeal, with an 18-inch front and 15-inch rear wheel setup. 

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