In 2017, Confederate Motors took a hard-left from its V-twin cruiser roots and transitioned to solely producing electric motorcycles. Under the Curtiss nameplate, the company partnered with Zero to power its muscular designs. By purchasing electric vehicles, Curtiss’ new fanbase is used to making the change it wishes to and the brand will now extend that mantra to its design process. With the new Curtiss One configurator, customers can customize their very own electric cruiser.

The new tool currently only features Curtiss’ One model. The futuristic bobber comes in a 62-inch or 64-inch wheelbase and also offers a 27-degree or 31-degree rake. Seat height and ground clearance adjust according to the rake, but the maximum seat height is 29 inches and maximum ground clearance never dips below 6 inches. Front and rear wear premium Race Tech monoshock suspension and Beringer Aerotech calipers help slow the 425-pound rig. With 120 peak horsepower and 147 lb-ft of torque, the One sure has a lot of giddy-up on tap, but all that power comes at a price of $78,000.

Curtiss One - Design
That silhouette looks familiar...

The new tool allows users to choose between a short and long wheelbase, a solo or tandem seat, and a black or blonde base color. Buyers can also trick out their creations with colored shock coils, anodized battery covers, and pinstripe accents. The configurator also offers two different trims: the 2021 Glenn H. Curtiss Founders Edition and the 2022 Curtiss One. The former retails for $115,000 and the latter comes in at $81,000.

Curtiss One

The Build & Reserve option is a result of Curtiss’ website rehaul and ongoing rebrand. Along with the customization portal, Curtiss added the Hellrider’s blog to keep the public abreast of technological advancements and new product updates. The configuring tool takes Curtiss further into the luxury electric vehicle market and cements a new image for the former V-twin brand.

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