Ducati will continue working with the university to develop the technical and business acumen of its students.

Ducati has long been a staunch proponent of the development of skills and talents in the education sector. Apart from this, the iconic Italian manufacturer has cemented its name as a cultural hallmark of Italy. With contributions encompassing the arts, science and engineering, as well as the massive economic contribution the company has given Italy, it indeed finds ways to extend its reach even further towards holistic development in the country.

That said, Ducati has been conducting educational activities both in terms of technical skills training, as well as business and professional skills. All of these initiatives have been done in partnership with the wealth of schools and universities in Italy. In particular, the iconic Italian manufacturer has renewed its partnership with the University of Bologna to continue collaborating towards the development of the university's students by offering training programs as well as specialized courses for postgraduate studies. 

Ducati Multistrada V4 - Main

With this, the two organizations work together towards the development and fruition of new ideas, which are eventually carried over to Ducati's finished products. Ducati also plays a major role in the university's specialized Motorcycle Engineering degree, which is a part of the master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. At present, the Ducati and the University of Bologna are working on a joint project centered on Additives Manufacturing. Specifically, the university's Department of Industrial Engineering is working closely with Ducati in this project geared towards optimizing the performance of Ducati's engines. 

Ducati and the University of Bologna are founding members of MUNER, or the Motor Valley University of Emilia-Romagna. MUNER boasts a sophisticated suite of advanced and specialized courses which attracts some of the brightest and most talented students from across the region. Additionally, the institution also offers students various internships, allowing them to work and synergize with Ducati towards the development of new innovations and products.

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