This bike-themed shop could be a good bike stop on your next road trip.

Weird times call for weird solutions. Given how hard the pandemic has hit the restaurant business, you might not think now is the best time to open your dream dining concept. Still, husband and wife team Brandon and Lindsay Reed are determined to make their motorcycle-themed Parts & Service PDX work.  

Opening day is January 30, 2021—which is tomorrow, at the time of writing. If you’re in or near Portland, Oregon, the grand opening takes place between 12 p.m. and 10 p.m. at 2940 NE Alberta. There’s plenty of outdoor seating at picnic tables, and the crew have been hard at work building out the interior for when indoor dining is a thing again.  

“The tables are welded metal, and there’s lots of solid wood. It feels a bit like a motorcycle shop, but slightly elevated,” Brandon Reed told Eater PDX

Parts & Service PDX Interior

Some motorcycles are also mounted throughout the bar, and TVs inside will show motorcycle racing and motorcycle films in the future. To be honest, it’s making me a little wistful for a place with a similar concept that used to exist in Chicago, but unfortunately no longer does. Guess I’ll need to make a road trip, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. 

Anyway, the idea is simple and straightforward. There’ll be burgers, BBQ, a limited brunch menu on weekends, beers (including a Parts & Service IPA from Portland’s LABrewtory), moto-themed cocktails, and vegan options so everyone in your party can chow down. The Reeds told Eater that they want things to be high-quality but affordable, and isn’t that what most people want out of an everyday dining experience? 

Local vendors will be selling their goods at the grand opening, as well. Parts & Service hasn’t published its menu online yet, so if you’re in the area and want to know more than what you can see on its Instagram and Facebook, you’ll need to go in person. Sidewalk tables with tents and heaters can seat up to 15 people to start, and takeout is of course the biggest plan right now. Delivery services will come in the future, but aren’t a feature for the grand opening.