It's what Soichiro would have wanted.

Soichiro Honda was, undoubtedly, many things to many people. As automotive journalist and TV presenter Jonny Smith observed, we wouldn’t have bikes like the CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP today if Honda hadn’t first been obsessed with the Isle of Man TT way, way back in the day. Meanwhile, Honda’s Monkey bikes were and are a long way from sportbikes—but that’s because Honda was and remains extremely multi-faceted. 

Smith, who also goes by the professional name “CarPervert,” decided to start taking his YouTube channel more seriously in 2020. Well-rounded automotive nerds might be familiar with his work from many other places such as Fifth Gear and Fully Charged. Like the best kind of car and bike people, he’s a walking, talking encyclopedia of obscure facts about the vehicles that interest him most, no matter how many wheels they have. 

Hence, the beautiful and super rare 1965 Honda CZ100 he showcased in this video. This 49cc monkey bike was a monkey before Monkeys were cool—or a proto-moto-primate, if you will. Naturally, Smith did the only reasonable thing in this video, and decided to take it on a little road trip. 

He only puttered about 12 miles or so in a small town to go see his other relatively rare 1965 Honda, an S600 that’s currently in the process of restoration. With a backpack full of some new parts for the S600, Smith rolled off on the kind of journey that makes you hold your breath at every uphill intersection. Have you ever seen a Fiat 500 look downright intimidating? How about an Aston Martin that looks like a whale? You’ll have seen both if you watch this video. 

This bike is small enough to fit in the boot of a car, but it’s also kind of heavy for its size. It’s around 53 kilograms, which is about 116 pounds—but that’s nothing to a good crosswind. Amazingly, Smith got to his S600 in one piece, and we got the chance to appreciate what’s surely going to be a glorious bit of Honda history once it’s back in good running order. 

Source: YouTube

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