Adventure comes in many tiny forms.

Riding a Honda Monkey through the wilds of Peru might sound like fun to some. If you’d rather rough it in Romania, the Adventurists have just the Monkey experience for you there, too—and the good news is, you have plenty of time to sign up to traverse Romania on Monkey-back in 2020. Better still, you’ll have two opportunities to do so.

For those unfamiliar, the Adventurists provide you with a nice Honda Monkey to ride, as well as a start point, and end point, rough dates when you should get from point A to point B, as well as beginning and ending parties. Pălincă will probably play a role at those parties, as will plenty of good food and fun meeting up with your fellow Monkey-riders for your particular Run. 

Gallery: The Adventurists Monkey Run Romania

How you actually get from the start point to the finish point is entirely up to you and your navigation skills. The Adventurists will give you some test time with the Monkeys to get used to them, which comes in very useful if you’re not an experienced rider. You’ll also get a walkthrough/around with an experienced Monkey Run veteran to teach you a bit about what you’ll need to know to succeed.

Overall, it’s a lowkey, exciting way to see Romania on a woefully unsuitable, hilarious bike. Starting from Sighetu Marmatiei, near the Ukrainian border, you’ll eventually end up at the Dark Ravens Clubhouse several days later. The July 2020 run starts on June 26 and finishes on July 4, 2020. The September 2020 run starts on August 28 and runs through September 5. 

Every rider who participates should also attempt to raise at least £500 (about US $657) for the environmental charity Cool Earth, which works in conjunction with indigenous communities to halt deforestation in areas around the globe. This is in addition to your entry fee, which is £1295 (an enterprising US $1701) for either 2020 Monkey Run Romania event. 

There’s also a £300 (around US $394) returnable vehicle deposit to ensure that the Adventurists get their Monkeys back at the end of the journey. Their official terms state that they won’t charge you for wear and tear, which is a relief, considering. Find out more or sign up by going here, or simply searching “Monkey Run Romania” on YouTube. There are a ton of videos from people who’ve done past events that you can check out.

Source: The Adventurists, YouTube

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