Motorcycling is all about self-expression and freedom, right? Well, Royal Enfield certainly thinks so! The company has always been about customizing and personalizing their motorcycles. Having held build-offs across the world, and recently launching a 'Make It Yours' campaign on their motorcycles in India, they're back at it again, but this time for gear and apparel. 

That's right, just like your custom bike, your gear can now stand out from the rest. Launching a similar platform to that of their bikes, Royal Enfield's 'Make It Yours' program has been carried over to their in-house branded gear. At the moment, only helmets and T-shirts can be personalized, but we can expect the rest of the pieces in their collection to boast customizability soon. With thousands of unique options to choose from in terms of helmet and T-shirt design, riders are guaranteed to have a one of a kind piece—one they can truly call their own. 

Royal Enfield Launches Make It Yours Program For Gear

For starters, Royal Enfield claims that there are more than 7,000 unique design options to choose from when it comes to customizing your helmet. Different types of shell shapes, color palettes, fabric and lining options, as well as decals, visors, straps, and other accessories can be selected. Additionally, text and graphics can be incorporated into the design. For those interested, prices start at Rs. 3,200 ($44 USD) for open face helmets, Rs. 4,200, or $58 USD, for full face helmets, and Rs. 4,000, or the equivalent of $55 USD,  for the retro-styled Urban Trooper helmet. 

Moving on to the T-shirts, Royal Enfield claims more than 15,000 unique design options to customize their tees. Boasting an array of colors, badges, prints, and graphics, riders are sure to be able to design a T-shirt that suits their style. Just like the helmets, customers can opt to add text to their t-shirt such as their club name, license plate, or even their Instagram handles, should they opt to do so. Custom tees start at the low price of just Rs. 1,250, or the equivalent of $17 USD. 

If you're interested in availing of a one of a kind helmet and/or T-shirt, you'll have to wait around one month in order for the custom helmet to be crafted. T-shirts, on the other hand will take 15 to 20 days from design to delivery.

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