A bill has been proposed to make owning classic motorcycles a lot easier in the Philippines.

It may come as a surprise to you that there is quite a rich culture of classic motorcycles in the Philippines. If you head over to the bustling central business districts on a Sunday morning, you’re bound to see a number of classic motorcycles and scooters ranging from classic Ducatis to rare Lambrettas. These machines, aside from showcasing their owners' collections, serve as hallmarks to the rich motorcycle heritage found in the country.

In the recent years however, the introduction of new emissions and safety regulations have made it nearly impossible for classic motorcycle owners to register their vehicles and keep them roadworthy. Understandably, the regulations of today, are so much more advanced than that of decades past. As such, many owners of classic vehicles risk running their vehicles with expired registration documents simply because the technology of their machines isn't up to par with today's machines. 

1967 BSA Hornet Desert Racer
1967 BSA Hornet Desert Racer

All this is about to change in favor of classic motorcycle enthusiasts. Luckily, Wes Gatchalian, a lawmaker and Deputy House Speaker, has filed a bill entitled the 'Vintage Vehicle Act'. House Bill 8244 seeks to include classic cars and motorcycles as part of Philippine cultural and historical heritage. As mentioned, the Philippines prides itself with a deep and long running heritage of rare and unique classic cars and motorcycles. The country's dealings with the U.S, Japan, and Spain over the decades has resulted in quite a diverse ecosystem of vehicles plying the streets. 

Diving into the details of the proposed law, the vintage car or motorcycle in question must be at least thirty years old from the date of production. The proposed law also indicates that the “chassis, engine, steering, and suspension are either original or authentic,” this means that classic motorcycles must be certified original, and not simply backyard creations or bodges. Additionally, Section 6 of the bill states that vintage vehicles will be allowed free importation into the Philippines, and that the state “shall impose no restrictions on the importation of vintage vehicles.”

Of course, the proposed law comes with a few restrictions and limitations. For starters, classic cars and motorcycles will only be allowed to ply the streets on weekends and holidays. They will be identified with a special number plate to differentiate them from regular vehicles.