Swedish electric bike manufacturer, CAKE, has announced a partnership with mobile living experts, Dometic, for a revolutionary new product designed to make the CAKE Ösa even more practical than it already is. The CAKE Ösa is an award winning modularly designed electric scooter that has been praised for its versatility and practicality. The Ösa was the recipient of the Red Dot Award mid last year, and is one of CAKE's most popular models.

The partnership between CAKE and Dometic is geared towards addressing a new challenge faced in this time of COVID-19. As we are all aware, the global pandemic has forced countless restaurants to close their doors to dine-in customers, and opt for takeout options instead. That being said, the takeout and delivery business model has resulted in a significant deterioration of the dining experience, with food either getting shaken up, or turning cold and stale by the time it reaches the destination. It is with this challenge in mind that CAKE and Dometic will be releasing The Dometic Food Delivery Box designed specifically for the CAKE Ösa.

CAKE x Dometic Electric Food Delivery Box

The Dometic Food Delivery Box is a purpose-built, temperature-controlled, electirc-powered food box which can keep hot food warm, and cold food cool. This is especially important during the so-called 'last mile' of food delivery, a few minutes prior to being received by customers, or enjoyed at home. The electric food box make uses an electric cord that connects directly to the Ösa's battery, it has dedicated compartments for storing hot and cold food at the same time. The box is also equipped with a connectivity feature which allows the rider to monitor the temperatures of both hot and cold zones in real-time, while en route to the customer. 

At the moment, the electric food delivery box is still undergoing testing and additional research and development. CAKE and Dometic have stated that additional product specifications will be made available in April. The finished product is expected to launch and begin rolling out by September of this year. 

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