Much like the U.S., motorcycle license holders in the Philippines can pretty much ride whatever motorcycle they want from the get go. Are you seventeen years old and just get your license today? Sure, hop on that brand new Kawasaki Ninja H2, no problem! Well, all that's about to change because the Philippine Land Transportation Office, or LTO, is now introducing subcategories similar to those found in Europe and other Asian countries. 

Now of course, this is being done with road safety in mind. After all, there have been quite a number of fatal motorcycle accidents involving kids piloting bikes that are way too fast for their own good. This doesn't affect just bikes, either. Even car licenses are getting stricter. Now, given the new codes, motorcycles and scooters now fall under DL Code A. However, there are subcategories which have been determined by a bike's weight and size, as well as its achievable top speed. For small motorcycles whose top speed does not exceed 50 kilometers per hour, the DL Code would be A L1.

New Driver’s License Restrictions To Be Rolled Out In The Philippines

Similarly, to drive a standard motorcycle or scooter capable of more than 50 kph, your restriction code should be A L3. On top of the additional restriction codes on speed and size, the new DL Codes also take into consideration the type of transmission a motorcycle is equipped with. Naturally, AT stands for Automatic Transmission, while MT stands for Manual Transmission. So, if you are a non-professional (NP) license holder, in order to drive a standard motorcycle equipped with a manual transmission, your code should be A L3 NPL MT.

Similar to the existing license restrictions, those who are allowed to drive manual transmission vehicles are also allowed to drive automatic transmission vehicles. Conversely, those who are allowed to drive only automatic transmission equipped two-wheelers, may not drive manual transmission vehicles. As of this writing, it would appear that the LTO has yet to clarify the exact date of implementation of these new DL Codes. Additionally, the agency has yet to release a statement explaining what would happen to the driver’s license restriction codes of those who will be renewing their licenses.

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