Ather Energy seeks to cement its name as one of the dominant players in the electric scooter market in India. With the success of the Ather 450X, the company seeks to elevate the experience of both their existing and new clients. With this, Ather Energy has launched Ather Space, the company's first showroom located at Linking Road in Bandra. The timely opening of Ather Space coincides with the delivery of the Ather Series 1 scooter. 

For over a year, Ather Energy had been planning to make Ather Space present across various locations in key cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, and Pune. So instead of building their concept showroom across these locations themselves, Ather Energy leveraged on their dealer network to help set up these experience centers across various cities. 

Ather Energy Opens Ather Space

So, what exactly makes Ather Space so special? For starters, it isn't like any other motorcycle showroom wherein you just enter, look for a sales specialist, and have an awkward conversation about your finances. Ather Space takes the whole customer experience, and turns it up to eleven by way of a dynamic and interactive facility which is meant to educate customers not just about Ather Energy's products, but about EVs in general.

On top of this, those interested in key Ather Energy models such as the 450X can get a test ride as well as an in-depth view of the electric scooter, all its features, as well as the community involved, before making the decision to pre-order the scooter. 

With a naked scooter on display, visitors get an opportunity to learn about every aspect of the vehicle and witness the engineering and mechanical efforts that have gone into manufacturing it. Further, they can learn and interact with the intelligent and connected features through a digital display. Moving forward, Ather Energy seeks to open more Ather Spaces across multiple key cities. To achieve this, Ather Energy will design the showrooms after their existing Ather Spaces in Bangalore and Chennai, and likewise delegate the construction and implementation to their dealer network. 

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