Ural has announced its latest special edition motorcycle, the GEO Limited Edition. Based on the GearUp, this model features additional options to enhance its already impressive off-road prowess, as well as a unique hand-painted camo color scheme that harkens back Ural's roots as a capable military motorcycle.  

Of the many words that could describe Russian motorcycle manufacturer Ural, "innovative" is probably not one of them. The original M-72 was essentially a BMW R71 built in collaboration with the Germans in the early stages of World War II before Germany decided to turn the tables on the Soviet Union. The basic design of Ural's bikes hasn't changed much since. This is a positive, not a negative. After 80 years, Ural has refined its basic formula for the two-wheel-drive sidecar rig that can go practically anywhere to perfection.

Unfortunately, that also doesn't leave much room for innovation. Ural has released a number of special edition bikes in recent history, inspired by nuclear icebreakers, James Bond, a drone carrier, and even the International Space Station. It would be too harsh to call these versions "lipstick on a pig." That would imply that these bikes are bad, and they're certainly not. However, it remains true that each of these special bikes takes an existing model, add some special paint, options, and general razzle-dazzle, builds it in limited numbers, and calls it a special edition.

Gallery: 2021 Ural Geo Limited Edition

The razzle-dazzle is strong with the GEO Limited Edition. The added accessories are legitimately helpful off-road. The upgraded adjustable Nitron suspension, Heidenau tires, optional high pipe GPR exhaust system (sold for off-road use only), RotopaX fuel container, and additional protection for both the bike and its occupants make the GEO a formidable off-road weapon. I suspect that few, if any, of these will ever see dirt thanks to their exclusivity. Only 20 GEO Limited Editions will be made. Each of them has a unique camo color scheme, painted by hand. I wouldn't want to scratch it up on the trails.

The Ural GearUp GEO Limited Edition will sell for $26,999, a significant premium over the GearUp's $17,549 base price. 


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