It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard about Ural, which is too bad since we’re quite fond of the old-school Russian brand. To be fair—considering the company’s been using the same formula for 80 years with minimal innovations, we shouldn’t expect to see new things launched every couple of months like with other makers.   

Well, folks, if you’re in the same boat as we are, it’s time for a celebration—there’s a new(ish) Ural available. Say hello to the Weekender Special Edition  

What’s that? You thought Urals were already versatile enough? Think again. Ural took everything the 2WD Gear Up does best and amped things up with the addition of a slew of accessories to make the bike even more practical.

Ural 2WD Gear Up Weekender Special Edition—Accessory receiver with rack
Ural 2WD Gear Up Weekender Special Edition-Accessory receiver with bike rack

The list of features includes a fully-equipped sidecar with a windscreen and apron, a universal spare wheel, and a stainless steel bumper with a pair of auxiliary light pods. Owners can also add the optional “Ural Accessory Received”—a fancy term for a sort of hitch that attaches to the side of the rig and allows you to add different types of haul stuff.   

Perhaps the most striking element that makes the Weekender stand out from the rest of the lineup is the happy bright choice of liveries. Ural introduced a trio of playful new colors with a choice of two-tone Meadow green, Sunshine yellow, or Poppy red. The company even gently pokes fun at its usual colorways, referring to them as “olive drab and grey”. The manufacturer also swapped the usually blacked-out components for a set of chrome accents instead.   

Ural 2WD Gear Up Weekender Special Edition, Sunshine Yellow
Ural 2WD Gear Up Weekender Special Edition-Meadow Green

Inside the Weekender we find the sturdy 749cc flat-twin rated at 41 horsepower and 42 lb-ft of torque paired with a four-gear transmission (and one reverse gear). Pricing is set at $20,629 for the Ural Weekender Special Edition—$21,079 if you wish to add the Accessory Receiver.   

If you’re looking for an instant mood booster, then you should buy yourself a Weekender. We defy anyone to stay mad riding around on a bright green Ural. After all, green means go.

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