Electric motorcycles have gone a long way from being cheaply made dinky toys with pretty unreliable performance, to the dependable tools of mobility we have today. What started out as an engineering exercise decades ago, is now pretty much considered in many countries as mainstream transportation.

That being said, India is no slouch when it comes to the development of EVs with the potential to revolutionize personal mobility. With many startups specializing solely in the development and production of such vehicles, it’s safe to say that we’re bound to see more than a couple major players emerge into the global market from India. Perhaps one of these players could be EeVe, an electric mobility startup.

Eeve Ahava - Action
EeVe Ahava electric scooter.

The company is launching two new entry level scooters in the Indian market slated for release next year. Each of which seek to make electric two-wheelers accessible to the masses, as they are priced within the same range as entry level 125cc scooters and mopeds. On top of the affordable price range, EeVe is throwing in a slew of high tech features such as Bluetooth smartphone connectivity and data logging. On top of this, EeVe is going full force by offering a five year warranty and a one gear warranty for the battery. Sounds pretty enticing? I thought so. Wait ‘til you see the price.

The first model, the Ahava, features a 250 watt electric motor and offers a range of up to 70 kilometers (43 miles) on a single charge. Granted of course, this is achievable so long as you maintain a featherweight grip on the accelerator. It comes equipped with a front disc brake, telescopic forks, and dual shock absorbers outback. Priced at just Rs 55,900, or just a smidge over $750, the EeVe Ahava presents itself as extremely good value for money, with dealership support to boot.

Eeve Atreo - Action
EeVe Atreo electric scooter.

Moving up the EeVe’s model range is the Atreo, the company’s flagship model. Equipped with the same 250 watt motor as the Ahava, the Atreo gets a bumped up battery which promises a range of up to 100 kilometers, or 62 miles on a single charge. It comes with the same suspension parts as the Ahava as well as the same brakes. The added juice from the beefed up battery gives it a more premium price of Rs 64,000, or $870 USD.

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