What’s blue and silver and hails from the Alps? If your first guess was an Alpine A110, fair point. This, however, is RideApart, so instead, we’re going to talk about a closely-related bike. As Sabrina mentioned earlier in December, MV Agusta teamed up with the resurrected Alpine to create a bike. Fortunately, they didn’t make us wait long to find out more. 

Friends, this is the MV Agusta Superveloce Alpine. Naturally, because it’s MV Agusta, it’s yet another Limited Edition model. Clad in beautiful Alpine silver and blue, every line and curve of the Superveloce’s design takes on a slightly different context. Since MV definitely likes to go with whatever a given number suggests, just 110 of these Limited Editions will be made and sold at a price of 36,300 Euros (or $44,001) each. 

In addition to the color scheme, the details are what make the Superveloce Alpine stand out. From the Alpine “A” badges to the leather Alpine strap on the fuel tank, small intricacies catch your eye from headlight to taillight. Just look at that gorgeous Alcantara saddle with its very precise, contrasting stitching! 

MV Agusta Superveloce Alpine Limited Edition - Right Rear Angle
MV Agusta Superveloce Alpine Limited Edition - Numbering

Since it’s a collaboration between an Italian icon and a French icon, the flags of both countries are present on the front fairing. Two nations, each with a long and storied history in motorsports, coming together to create something beautiful. Copious amounts of carbon fiber adorn their creation, and honestly, it’d be more surprising if that wasn’t the case.  

Gallery: MV Agusta Superveloce Alpine

Incidentally, if you bring home a Superveloce Alpine, you’ll also get a Racing Kit that features a track-only Arrow triple exhaust, dedicated ECU, seat cowl, and personalized cover. That seems to be the general MO for MV with its Limited Edition Superveloces. If you’ll recall, the company did the same thing with the Superveloce 75 Anniversario back in November, 2020—only, of course, in slightly different colors.


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