Grab a turkey sandwich and join the fun!

Whether you’re recovering from your American Thanksgiving food coma or just having another Friday in November, there’s something cool to do right now from the comfort of your keyboard. The Winter 2020 Armchair Adventure Festival is here—and this time, it’s completely free to attend! 

No matter where in the world you are, you can get a free ticket to check out three days of talks, Q&As, and films from ADV fiends all around the world. From November 27 through November 29, 2020, there’s a full slate of adventure just waiting for you. Although tickets are free, the festival is also raising donations to support children’s education charity COCO

As usual, the Sidecar Guys have put together a varied group of adventurers, from Elspeth Beard to Sean Conway to Charley Boorman to Roxy Kielkowska. The three-day festival kicks off today at 19:00 hours UK time (GMT+0), but you can catch up at any time (and in any time zone) with a £2 Backstage Pass via Patreon throughout the month of December. It’s a good option to have if you don’t plan to sit at your computer all day over the course of the entire weekend, for sure. 

You can check out the full Winter 2020 festival schedule here, as well as read the virtual Festival Programme brochure here. There’s also a handy FAQ with answers to questions you may have about attending this virtual festival. For example, while a lot of us are becoming much more familiar with Zoom than we may have been in the past, you won’t need to use it to attend this event—which is probably a bit of a relief at this point, isn’t it? If you’re not off having an adventure of your own this weekend, it’s a good time to soak up inspiration and maybe learn a few things for planning your next journey.