The Sidecar Guys have come up with a plan to fight quarantine-induced boredom. With adventure travel meetings sidelined due to the coronavirus pandemic, this globetrotting duo teamed up to present the Armchair Adventure Festival, running the weekend of April 24. 

The Sidecar Guys are a criminally underappreciated pair of adventurers carrying on the proud British traditions of world exploration and silliness—their steed of choice is a sidecar-equipped Honda SH300I scooter. They’re the first people to do a round-the-world ride by scooter and sidecar, and hold a Guinness record for longest journey by scooter and sidecar. Their mega-trip saw them travel 34,000 miles through 35 countries and five continents. There’s plenty of footage of their travels on YouTube. 

Like the rest of the adventure travel community, their adventures have been shut down by the coronavirus pandemic. In many places, round-the-world riders are now banned from even riding around their home countries. That’s where the Armchair Adventure Festival comes in. The Sidecar Guys are running a travel festival, with plenty of notable speakers, that you can enjoy from your living room. 

The Armchair event has interviews, panel discussions, and presentations with many well-known adventure riders. Presenters include Charley Boorman, Ted Simon, Simon and Lisa Thomas, Billy Ward, Elspeth Beard, and several othersNot everyone on the list is a motorcycle traveler, but most of the lineup is in the two-wheeled overland category. 

All the fun will be streamed through the festival’s website. The Sidecar Guys are also running a quiz and some other fun stuff for the event, and on Sunday, Austin Vince is screening The Road To Independence (alas, no motos in this adventure film). A full schedule is posted to the festival’s website. The event begins Friday, April 24, and runs through Sunday, April 26. 

Interested? You can sign up for free at the Armchair Adventure Festival’s homepage (you can make a donation, if you want to). If you miss out on something, the festival’s video will be recorded and available online after this weekend. 

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