Honda is known the world over for producing some of the most technologically advanced and innovative motorcycles the world has ever seen. From bikes like the monstrous CBR1000RR-R SP, to the accessible CB650R, Big Red is the biggest motorcycle manufacturer in the world in more ways than one. Perhaps one thing less known about Honda, especially in the U.S. market, is their crop of fun, small-displacement scooters prevalent in Asia. 

There's quite a lucrative market for small and affordable runabouts in developing countries like Thailand and the Philippines. After all, motorcycles are the norm, as opposed to being viewed as toys or luxury items. That being said, companies like Honda do a good job in giving small scooters loads of character, making for fun little commuters. In a recent ad campaign launched for the upcoming Honda Scoopy, Honda Motorcycle Thailand capitalized on the fun aspect of city riding. Entitled "Fun District," the campaign features notable celebrities and rising stars in Thailand—indicative of Honda's intent to capture a younger, fun-loving market. 

Honda Scoopy Thailand Advert

The advert highlights some of the Scoopy's key features such as a USB port, smart keyless ignition, and of course, a quirky retro-modern aesthetic. All these features are highlighted in a fun and colorful manner, reaching out to the younger spectrum of Thailand's massive motorcycle market. Underneath all the glitter and bright lights lies a scooter that employs a simple yet effective formula. Equipped with a 108.2cc single cylinder engine, the Scoopy produces an extremely friendly 9 horsepower. This mated to a smooth CVT transmission, results in a tiny scooter that anybody can ride with ease. 

The Honda Scoopy is also equipped with a two-up seat, allowing you to take a passenger with your for short trips around town. Its pocket-sized dimensions also enable it to squeeze in and out of traffic, and park in even the tightest of spots. 

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