MotoGP season has got everyone rooting for their respective teams and favorite racers. Evidently, the world famous grand prix has a massive following in Asia, with fans going to great lengths to represent, and even emulate their favorite racers. In fact, some people take this to the next level and make their fandom of MotoGP a way of life. 

That being said, small bikes which sport MotoGP liveries are all the rage in countries like India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Several manufacturers including Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, and even KTM, offer special edition variants of their sub-200cc bikes clad in MotoGP inspired liveries. Honda, in particular has taken this a step further by introducing Repsol Honda editions for the Hornet 2.0 and Dio. 

Honda Dio Repsol Edition
Honda Hornet 2.0 Repsol Edition

You read that right, the Hornet 2.0, which is a naked bike, and even more surprisingly the Dio, a tiny scooter, now come in Repsol Honda liveries. The two limited edition variants sport the iconic Repsol Honda racing team-inspired graphics, which, even to uninitiated, would remind them strongly of Honda's MotoGP racing team. With Honda having used one iteration of this livery or another continuously for nearly three decades now, it goes without saying that the Repsol Honda racing livery is one of the most iconic out there. 

Now the two special edition variants don't come with any added features when compared to their standard counterparts. That being said, the star of the show is simply the Repsol Honda livery. The Honda Hornet 2.0 in racing livery is priced at Rs 1.28 lakh which translates to around $1,700 USD. That's not bad at all considering how sporty this little naked bike looks. Powered by a 184 cc single cylinder engine, the Hornet's performance is nothing compared to the RC213V, but hey, how can you fault a sporty looking bike that's designed for daily use?

Moving on to the Honda Dio which is priced at Rs 69,757 ($940 USD) in full Repsol trim. The little scooter is equipped with a 110cc single-cylinder and is meant for easy commuting in heavily congested urban settings. It features pretty standard componentry in the form of a standard telescopic fork, an engine start-stop switch, and an external fuel filler cap. 

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