The Asian market is rife with low displacement scooters whose main purpose in life is to bring their riders to their destinations amid heavy traffic and highly congested areas. That being said, most commuter machines in the region follow a simple recipe: lightweight, low displacement, and affordable. 

Among the most popular commuter scooters across multiple Asian markets comes from Yamaha, in the form of the Aerox. Powered by an iteration of the massively popular 155cc single cylinder, the Aerox shares its engine with several other bikes in Yamaha's stable. For instance, the retro-styled Yamaha XSR155, and the MT-15 naked street fighter are powered by the same engine, albeit in a different state of tune. For the Yamaha Aerox, the engine has been tuned to churn out an adequate 11.3 horsepower, and comes with Yamaha's Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) and BlueCore technology. 

2021 Yamaha Mio Aerox

The 2021 Yamaha Aerox has been launched in the Indonesian market a few days ago, and comes with a few notable changes. For starters, the baby maxi-scooter now features larger LED headlights which bestow a new fascia on the scooter. The fairings and leg shields have been redesigned, as well, and now exude a more premium and sporty aesthetic. A new LED taillight adorns the rear end of the 2021 Yamaha Aerox.

As far as creature comforts are concerned, the new Aerox now comes with a fully-digital instrument panel that's slightly bigger than the outgoing model. The bump in size has allowed for a real-time fuel consumption meter to be integrated into the display, with the rider toggling through the display with a switch on the left handlebar. The keyless start system, as well as the integrated power socket found on the outgoing model is carried over for 2021. 

Perhaps one of the main reasons as to why scooters like the Aerox have gained so much popularity is because of their practical amenities. The Aerox comes with an extremely useful and convenient 25 liters of under-seat storage, large enough to fit a full-face helmet. It also comes with Yamaha's Y-Connect system—which allows the rider to view messaging and call data through the scooter's digital display. 

Launched at an introductory price of IDR29,000,000 which translates to around $2,000 USD, the Yamaha Aerox presents itself with remarkable value for money. Would you like to see bikes like the Aerox make their way to the U.S. market? 


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