With new emissions regulations just around the corner, as of October, 2020, Honda still had a pretty full list of motorcycles and scooters that had yet to get their Euro 5 tweaks. It did plenty of catching up on November 10 when it unveiled a bulk of six updated models. One of the bikes in the group is the new 2021 CB1000R we were expecting since Honda teased its update a few weeks ago.   

While the changes Honda had to perform to keep the bike compliant with regulations were (relatively) minimal, the maker took the opportunity to also freshen the design up. The 2021 CB receives an updated headlight bezel, set at a bit of an angle and topped with a short fly screen-looking shield that covers the TFT display. The radiator frame and side plates’ shape was also reworked and the bike is now fitted with a pair of w-spoke cast-aluminum wheels.   

2019 Honda CB1000R Comparison
2021 Honda CB1000R Comparions
2021 Honda CB1000R, Hero, Profile, Right, Landscape

From a dimension standpoint, nothing changes. The wheelbase (57.3 inches), seat height (32.7 inches), 17-inch wheels, 4.3-gallon fuel tank, and weight (467 pounds) are the same between the 2019 and 2021 model-year.   

The 998cc inline-four engine rated at 143 horsepower and 76.7 lb-ft of torque is also untouched—so is the 4-2-1 exhaust. To make the bike Euro 5-compliant, Honda replaced the 02 lambda exhaust sensors with Linear Air Flow (LAF) sensors in the downpipes. The maker also says that it optimized the programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) settings which results in a smoother, more responsive power delivery.  

2021 Honda CB1000R Black Edition, Hero, Profile 2
2021 Honda CB1000R Black Edition

On the technological front, the CB1000R now comes with a USB port, located under the seat, as well as a new 5-inch TFT display with Honda Smartphone Voice Control System and Bluetooth connectivity.   

Also new for 2021 is the CB1000R Black Edition which is exactly what the name suggests—a blacked-out version of the bike, equipped with standard quick-shifter.  

Honda has yet to announce the 2021 CB1000R's pricing and availability in Europe and North America.  

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