TVS is expected to make a return into the 125cc-class of commuter motorcycles with the Fiero 125. A report from BikeDekho states that the Indian motorcycle manufacturer has recently trademarked the Fiero name, and is expected to roll out a Fiero 125 standard commuter motorcycle in the middle of the year. Despite being an entry level machine, it is expected that TVS will equip the Fiero 125 with a few premium features to make it stand out in the market. 

Several years ago, TVS introduced the Fiero 150–the company's first 150cc standard commuter. Having been discontinued in favor of more modern models, TVS has reapplied the trademark to the Fiero name. Interestingly, the company is opting for a 125cc platform, as opposed to the more common 150cc mills found on commuter machines. Why? Well, this is to occupy a space in the market that was once occupied by today’s crop of 150cc machines which sport more premium components and features. With that, TVS will have a strong contender in the affordable entry-level market—one that can compete with the likes of the Honda SP125.

TVS Fiero 125 Incoming?
The new bike could bear a lot of similarities to the Fiero 150.

With motorcycles like the Yamaha MT-15 and the XSR155 now occupying a premium price point, consumers with a tighter belt around their waists are left with fewer options as far as affordable small capacity machines are concerned. That being said, TVS stands the chance to dominate a growing lucrative 125cc market. As far as specifications are concerned, it is speculated that the new Fiero 125 will sport an iteration of the popular 124.8cc engine found in the TVS NTorq. Although not groundbreaking in terms of performance, the engine churns out a decent 10 horsepower—enough to make for an enjoyable, yet practical machine.


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