KTM is no stranger to off-road rallies. The brand frequently celebrates its enduro lineage with special-edition releases like the 450 Rally Replica and the upcoming 890 Adventure R Rally. However, getting your hands on one of those limited-run variants isn’t an easy feat. If you’re not lucky enough to secure a rally-ready model, Rebel X Sports has your back with a new plug-and-play kit that turns a KTM EXC or Husqvarna FE into a rally race machine.

Featuring a full front fairing and competition-approved navigation tower, the new kit transforms your cockpit into a full command center. No command center is complete without its instruments and the GPS/Ram mount fits a Garmin Montana, 276CX, or a smartphone while the roadbook bracket accommodates MigTec and F2R holders. Tripmaster/speedocap and GPS antenna brackets help relay even more data to the rider and turn newer KTM and Husqvarna dual sports into lightweight adventure bikes.


Available for 2020-2021 EXC and FE models (250, 350, 450 and 500/501), the Rebel X kit not only provides improved wind protection and technology but also upgrades the dim headlight unit to a dual 10-watt LED setup. Two USB quick-charge ports and a tool bag bracket increase the convenience of the kit while the quick-release fairing and nav tower frame clamp avoid drilling and welding for installation.


Though the kit is aimed at consumers, the Romanian brand made sure that the nav tower complied with FIM, Dakar, ERTF, and IRITRACK regulations. Rebel X Sports’ latest kit retails for €2,690.00 ($3,134 USD) with an optional 15-liter gas tank available for FE models. If you own an older KTM or Husqvarna dual-sport, worry not. Rebel X sells a comparable set for 2017-2019 EXC and FE models, so if you weren’t able to pre-order that special-edition rally bike, you’re not out of luck.

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