Remember the Ubco 2x2? Your favorite Kiwi electric utility bike manufacturer is back with some improvements to its flagship model for 2021, so let’s all make like kakapos and hop excitedly into it. 

Buyers now have two 2x2 choices: the farm-based workhorse 2x2 WRK or the road-legal 2x2 ADV. Both are AWD, with a 1kW hub-mounted motor in each wheel. Top speed on each is 30 mph. Additionally, both can support a load of up to 330 pounds, including the rider and anything else they wish to carry.  

The biggest difference between the two models seems to be lighting and tires. You get more dual–sport-oriented tires on the ADV while the WRK has dedicated off-road knobbies. Likewise, the ADV has DOT and ECE-compliant lights front and rear while the WRK comes with a single, environmentally sealed, 2400 lumen floodlight. The WRK also boasts one other important differentiation: dual kickstands on either side of the bike so you can comfortably park it wherever. 

2021 Ubco 2x2 ADV Right Side

What about the batteries? When we first told you about the 2x2 back in November, 2019, the company was hard at work on its KXH portable power system—but it wasn’t yet available. As of October, 2020, it’s here and the three different variations will help 2x2 buyers kit out the perfect on- or off-road Ubco 2x2 of their dreams.  

KXH units come in Standard, Heavy Duty, and Extra Heavy Duty flavors. The Standard has a capacity of 2100W, weighs almost 31 pounds, and costs $1,999 on its own. The Heavy Duty has a capacity of 2600W, weighs just under 36 pounds, and costs $2,249. Finally, the Extra Heavy Duty has a 3100W capacity, weighs just under 40 pounds, and will run you $2,499. Each comes with a fully insulated IP66-rated sealed alloy case, which Ubco says is fully water and dust-resistant. Additionally, its ports are sealed for extra peace of mind. 

The 2x2 WRK ranges in cost from $6,499 to $6,999, depending on which capacity of KXH power unit you choose. Meanwhile, the 2x2 ADV will run you from $6,999 to $7,499. Its dealer network has expanded considerably in North America since 2019, so if you’re interested, it’s worth checking to see if there’s a dealer near you. 

Source: Ubco 

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