Similar to , adventure riders require gear that’s suited to various conditions. While dirt bike boots tout the utmost protection, they offer little in all-day comfort and walkability. On the other hand, standard riding boots may be easy to live with off the bike, but won’t deliver the type of ankle support one needs off-road. To outfit riders with the appropriate amount of protection and comfort, KLIM announced the new Adventure GTX Boots to meet all that adventure riding demands.

Whether or on the asphalt, ADVers tend to log a lot of miles in the saddle. Those long days typically leave one's dogs barking by the time the tent is pitched and the Idaho-based company wanted to maximize the rider’s enjoyment without sacrificing safety. As a result, the Adventure GTX Boots can handle long days on the pegs, nature hikes, and of course, the casual stroll to the local Starbucks.

KLIM Adventure GTX Boots - On-bike
KLIM Adventure GTX Boots - Cover

To handle the rugged terrain, KLIM outfitted the GTX with rugged materials like a grippy Michelin sole and GORE-TEX upper. The construction keeps out moisture, helps evaporate sweat and provides sure-footing on the bike or in the gravel. The combination of the ankle buckle, Velcro, and KLIM’s BOA fit system makes sure that the boot stays in place through the gnarliest ruts while not restricting the foot's natural movements.

KLIM Adventure GTX Boots - Tread
KLIM Adventure GTX Boots - BOA System

On the inside, the adventure boots are a lot less rough and tumble. Featuring an Ortholite insole, the GTX pairs inner comfort with multiple flex zones for walking comfort. Of course, the impact pucks, reinforced panels, and polycarbonate lasting board help shield the feet from harsh conditions and preserve all that plush lining.

For those gearing up for some fall and winter adventuring, the Adventure GTX Boots retail for $449.99. Currently available at KLIM’s website, the boot comes in Stealth Black and Asphalt/Hi-Viz colorways.

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