As we all know, racing isn’t exactly cheap. After all, you’re constantly pushing both your bike and yourself to the limit. Maintenance, repair, and parts costs quickly add up—and that’s on top of all your travel and associated expenses for any races you have to get yourself to. What about your gear? That isn’t cheap, either. If you’re an off-road racer of any kind with at least a year of experience under your belt, you might want to reach out to Klim.

Known for its off-road and adventure gear, Klim also offers a Racer Support Program that it says helps to “ease the financial burden of racing for privateers who meet qualifications.” To that end, both privateers and amateur racers alike with at least a year of experience are invited to apply. This does not include backcountry riding; you must be a racer of some sort to qualify. Here’s the application if you’re interested. 

For all kinds of off-road riding and racing, Klim also redesigned both its Dakar and Mojave jerseys to enhance durability and airflow for its off-road racers who compete in these lines. The XC Lite series offers durability, airflow, and key leather overlays in high wear areas. Plenty of new colors and styles will keep you visible, comfortable, and protected while you’re out thrashing through the dirt. Mens, womens, and kids options are available to cover a wide range of off-road riders. 

If you do fill out the Racer Support Program form, be aware that it walks you through the questions one step at a time. You’ll need a few minutes to fill it out, but every little bit can definitely help if you want to keep racing. Ride hard, ride awesome, and keep yourself well protected while you do it.

Source: Klim

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