Syrup optional.

Friends, there’s absolutely no call for waffling when it comes to these new Moose Racing Competition Grips. After all, they’re waffle-style grips—which means they’ll do plenty of that themselves if you install them on your bike! (Drumroll, please). 

Now, on to the serious stuff about these grips. They’ll fit handlebars that have a 7/8-inch diameter, as well as a twist turn throttle. They feature a dual compound, with a firmer compound on the inner and outer flange areas, along with a softer compound in your palm and finger areas. That way, you get the triumvirate of things you want in a grip: durability, comfort, and grippiness when you’re trying to steer.  

As seasoned riders know, waffles aren’t just good to eat; when used well, that pattern is also great for enhancing your grip even further. These grips have a ½-inch waffle pattern, as well as a tapered bit to give you a slimmer feel where you want it for a more tuned-in tactile sensation in your hands. There’s also a diamond pattern bit at the base of the grip to help alert your hands and brain to where your hand positioning currently is. 

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Are you accessorizing to match or contrast with existing colors on your bike? These Moose Racing Competition Waffle Grips come in six colors: black, blue, green, orange, red, and yellow. Each color comes with neutral gray coloring on those outer and inner flange areas, while the rest of the grip is whichever color you choose. MSRP on every color is $9.95, which is a pretty small price to pay for something that can make a significant difference to your ride.  

Whether your grips are old and worn out, or they’re just not working the way you want them to, these could be a good option to make your riding life a little easier, safer—and maybe even more aesthetically pleasing at the same time. 

Source: Moose Racing 

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