Since the first Mission: Impossible movie introduced in 1996, Tom Cruise and his posse have consistently upped the ante on the stunt front. The franchise’s latest chapter, Mission: Impossible Fallout culminated with a halo jump performed by the actor himself and a notoriously well-choreographed and executed bathroom fight scene that contributed to making this sixth installment my favorite one in the series.   

Of course, with a new M: I movie in the works, the team had to come up with a slew of even more daring stunts for Cruise to perform, right? Looks like they delivered. So far, we’ve seen Cruise wheelie a BMW G 310 GS, and, more recently, a stunt rider was spotted performing a jump on a dirt bike (which ultimately set fire to the set). We now get a peek at yet another motorcycle stunt and this time, Cruise is in the saddle and the scenery is absolutely spectacular.   

If you thought Fallout was peak stunt action for the 58-year-old actor, he’s about to prove us all wrong. Cameras captured footage of Cruise performing a motorcycle jump on a ramp set up on the mountains in Norway. The craziest part about this? The dude jumped off a cliff, without a safety net or a safety harness or safety anything (seemingly)—he jumped with only a parachute to save his butt in a sort of bonkers bike base jump. Whew.   

It sounds like an insane thing to do for most of us commonfolk, but for the action star, it looks like a walk in the park. Like the folks on the Today show commented, this is the kind of scene you only do once. Or not—this is probably fun for that crew of adrenaline junkies.   

Frankly, in this era of over-CGI-ied movies, watching an actual action scene that doesn’t rely on computerized interventions as much is a breath of fresh air. While I’m personally not partial to multiple sequels, this video makes me excited about the seventh Mission: Impossible movie. 


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