Motorcycle companies continue to turn to digital spaces in the age of COVID-19. Harley-Davidson recently announced its new tech Czar and an initiative to sell more Hogs online. Now, another retro-leaning manufacturer, Royal Enfield just introduced a new smartphone app to help attract existing and new customers while fostering the culture of the brand.

Current owners can use the app to join brand-sponsored rides and events or generate their own. From the Moto Himalaya Ride to Rider Mania, Royal Enfield frequently organizes events that celebrate the brand’s identity. Enthusiasts can stay up to date on upcoming affairs and connect with other Royal Enfield owners. If you’re not interested in RE’s offerings, adventurous users can create their own routes and share them with friends. The app’s DIY guides also help owners prep for long trips and repair minor issues.

RE App

If your bike requires more attention on the stand, the app can schedule a at an authorized service center. Whether you’re dropping off the bike yourself or need pick-up service, the tool not only allows riders to book an appointment with a few taps but also includes fields to clarify issues or request additional services. However, if you’re mechanical troubles are the scheduled kind, the app contacts roadside assistance to address more immediate issues.

For those who aren’t a part of the Royal Enfield family (yet), prospective buyers can use the app to purchase a motorcycle from Royal Enfield's range. Skipping the dealership hassle and haggle, customers can avoid any pressure associated with buying a new motorcycle by booking the model, selecting features, finalizing payment, and dictating delivery on the mobile app.

Apple and Android users in India can find Royal Enfield’s app on the App Store and Google Play Store. If you’re a social butterfly trying to stay socially distant during these trying times, the Royal Enfield app should help you stay safe, connected, and on two wheels.

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