The technology we find stuffed into our motorcycles continues to dive deeper into the realms of complexity and intricacy that there's no telling what the future of motorcycle technology has in store for us. Technological advancements in the name of safety and performance have taken such a huge leap forward, that motorcycles older than five years look like outdated fossils in the slew of modern, technology-laden machines. Much to the disdain of purists who love keeping things as analog as possible, there's no denying that all that tech is here to stay—and more of it is yet to come. 

Siemens MindSphere Motorcycle Analytics

Perhaps another groundbreaking advancement that will undoubtedly see itself swiftly adopted into motorsports would be Siemens' new cloud-based real-time motorcycle analytics program called MindSphere. Up until recently, motorcycle performance was measured with telemetric data recorded and stored, then reviewed after a few laps or test runs. What Siemens has done with MindSphere is create a real-time analytics system that processes sensor data through the cloud. 

This data isn't limited to the motorcycle, too. MindSphere is also able to monitor the environment surrounding the motorcycle, as well a the rider's inputs. This gives the system so much potential in that it can even analyze rider dynamics such as fatigue, and other physiological variables that come into play. MindSphere works by uploading data instantly to the cloud, wherein the team stationed in the pits gets a live feed of all the sensor data picked up and uploaded to the system. Of course, this saves time, so when the rider pulls into the pits, the crew can go right ahead and make the necessary adjustments there and then. 

Siemens MindSphere Motorcycle Analytics

Headed by Petra Fuchsíková, a scientist from the Czech Republic, she herself is a motorcycle racer, and has been pivotal in the development of the system. Fitted onto her Honda CBR600RR race bike, data such as lean angle, tire pressures, GPS positioning, air temperature, speed, acceleration, braking, and suspension travel can be measured. The number of systems monitored by MindSphere is limited only by the number of sensors you can put on a bike—and with today's technology, it's practically limitless. 

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