Some parents want the absolute best for their kids. Sometimes that means enrolling in private school. Other times, it includes sports camps and travel leagues. If your little one prefers riding dirt bikes, the initials K-T-M usually make its way into the conversation. For 2021, the Austrians are offering the 50 SX in a Factory Edition for those parents (and children) that accept nothing but the best.

Leveraging years of development from KTM’s championship-caliber factory race teams, the 50 SX Factory Edition features premium design and componentry. With the two-stroke 50cc engine mated to a single-speed automatic transmission, kids from ages 4 to 10 can easily climb aboard the 50 SX. The dirt bike’s 91-pound dry weight, gripper seat, and handlebar pad should also reassure any helicopter parents with safety concerns.

2021 KTM SX Factory Edition - Engine
2021 KTM SX Factory Edition - Cockpit

While KTM prioritized safety, that doesn’t sacrifice the performance of the race-focused machine. The 50 SX Factory Edition also includes WP XACT suspension and high-end disc brakes. For more oomph, the “Ready to Race” brand equipped the little single with reworked jetting and a premium FMF pipe and silencer.

KTM also spooned a pair of MX 53 knobbies onto the special edition 50 SX to provide even more grip over various terrains. Of course, a Factory Edition isn’t complete without special graphics and the 50 SX earns a handsome makeover with KTM’s factory team blue integrated into the livery. With the enhanced and top-of-the-line components, consumers can expect the Factory Edition to cost more than the standard 50 SX.

2021 KTM SX Factory Edition - Profile (right)
2021 KTM SX Factory Edition - Profile (left)

Though KTM hasn’t released pricing on the premium model, the base 50 SX retails for $4,399. Authorized KTM dealers will start receiving the 50 SX Factory Edition in October. If you're a parent of a future motocross champion or a kid looking to take his racing career to the next level, fall just can’t come soon enough.  

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