When rumors surfaced that Suzuki would update the V-Strom for 2020 and that it would draw inspiration from the DR Big, adventure motorcycle fanboys and girls held their breath. The DR was one of the most significant models on the 90s ADV scene, and an updated version was extremely enticing. Things were promising.   

Then the new V-Strom 1050 showed up at EICMA 2019 and we were all left a little underwhelmed. The only “DR Big” things about the new Strom were the rectangular headlight and a legacy, yellow livery—no additional off-road chops like we were all hoping. It didn’t take long for aftermarket retailers to come up with kits to fill the gap and give the model the adventure chops it deserved, though. Suzuki Italy went the complete opposite way, however, and introduced the new Suzuki V-Strom 1050 Machi—your friendly daily commuter and long-distance hauler.  

According to Suzuki Italy, the name “Machi” comes from the Japanese term for a busy urban boulevard and its surroundings. Appropriately, the kit includes a slew of accessories to add to the bike’s road trip ability. The menu includes a pair of handguards, a center stand, a small belly pan, stickers for the wheels and the tank, as well as a 14.5-gallon top case with matching rack.   

The bike also comes armed with all the goodies the base V-Strom has to offer including the ride-by-wire throttle, riding modes, low rpm assist, Easy Start system, Kayaba suspension, and more.   

Sadly, it looks like the road-eating Machi is limited to the Italian market (not even the rest of Europe by the looks of it). If you’re ever in the area and like the idea of a commute-ready V-Strom, the Machi is available now in dealerships. Pricing is set at €12,990 ($14,820).   

If, like us, you’re in the U.S. and don’t have access to the Machi, don’t worry too much—according to our Official Youth Correspondent Dustin, the regular V-Strom 1050 is pretty darn good and there’s a slew of optional accessories to pick from. You won’t feel like you’re missing too, too much.   

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