The Black Tea Moped is about to launch, and you should know two things before that happens. First, the Black Tea Moped doesn’t have pedals, so it isn’t actually a moped—it's an electric scrambler. Second, Black Tea is introducing this machine at a 50-percent discount.

If you’re wondering who Black Tea is, well, so are we. A quick scan through the company’s website indicates Black Tea is a German-based startup founded “with the mission to make individual mobility exciting to unleash the full potential of your life. Therefore, we are devoted to building electric motorbikes with sexy design & insane performance, so that you look damn cool & enjoy every ride. We are hedonists & believe in the pursuit of fun.” How very Lana Del Ray-sounding.

Once you get past the Roaring 20s marketspeak, the specs for Black Tea’s Moped model are much more sensible. This machine is designed to fit under Europe’s scooter licensing laws, so you can ride it with only a car license—no motorcycle license required. The electric rear hub motor makes 5 kW peak power (6.7 horsepower), but is rated for 3 kW in continuous usage (4 horsepower). That sounds wimpy, but horsepower isn’t everything. Max torque is 132 foot-pounds, so the Moped gets up to speed quickly. In stock form, the machine’s top speed is 50 mph. That might be fast enough for most owners anyway.

Black Tea says the Moped has 43 miles of battery range in the city. The bike has a regenerative braking system, so the battery lasts longer stop-and-go traffic than on the highway. The 72V x 24.5 Ah battery is removable, and recharges in four hours.

With a steel tube chassis, 18-inch wheels, and dual rear shocks, the Moped has a classic ‘70s scrambler look. The seat height is 29.5 inches, so most adults will have no trouble throwing a leg over. Black Tea says the bike weighs 79 kg.

Black Tea’s press kit says the company plans to sell online-only, to cut out the middleman and keep prices low. Subscribe to Black Tea’s newsletter, and you can pre-order a Moped for 1,900 euros before July 20. After that, the price is supposed to double.

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