Customization is an art form. Whoever’s doing the work has a vision, and works to execute that vision as well as they can with whatever tools, skills, and supplies they have available. You, the viewer, may love or hate it, but like other forms of art, the only true failure is if it leaves you feeling nothing.  

That said, this is a Honda Cub with a CBR250 engine swap. That’s right, it went from one of the most classic thumpers in motorcycle history to a racy little inline-four configuration. Clearly, a whole lot of additional work went into making this concoction function properly.  

Some people call it a CuB Racer 250, which certainly makes sense. Others argue that it can’t be a real Cub without that real Cub frame, and I mean, it’s not too difficult to see where that argument is coming from. After all, that pressed steel frame is so distinctive, even people who don’t care about motorbikes know that they’re seeing something different from other bikes on the road. Still, you’ve gotta go where your custom vision takes you, right? 

When you first see the instrument cluster, with markings out to 14,000 rpm, you get a hint of what you’re in for. Instantly, it’s switched on, and the owner revs it so you can hear. There’s also a Honda Racing Corporation Yoshimura exhaust installed, so everything about this Cub sounds much different than you may have been expecting. 

It’s still got the wire front basket, headlight, extra headlight on the front of the basket, and those cream-colored steel leg shields, so that’s got to count for something, right? This Cub Racer mashup of a bike would probably be ridiculous fun to ride around on a daily basis. It’d be a fantastic delivery vehicle, and you’d definitely have no chance of any issues riding up steep hills!

That classic steel rack on the back holds a little leather roll bag now, but it’d be perfect for balancing a milk crate full of stuff to deliver, or maybe a food delivery hot/cold box. I’m picturing a delivery rider by day, mountain racer by night situation. You know, kind of like Initial D, only with Super Cubs, and now I really want someone to make that happen.  

Source: YouTube 

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