If you’ve always wanted an electric superbike, and you’ve always wanted to hobnob with a Formula One champion, now’s your big chance. Auto racer Nico Rosberg is giving away his Energica Ego motorcycle, and will hand it over to you personally, in Monaco. All you have to do is donate to his fundraiser and win the draw at the end.

If you don’t know who Nico Rosberg is, chances are you don’t follow car racing. Rosberg won the 2016 Formula One championship, driving for Mercedes. He retired shortly after the end of that season, wrapping up an F1 career that began in 2005.

Rosberg seems to have a genetic predisposition towards speed. His father, Keke Rosberg, was also a Formula One champion (in 1982), and Nico was racing go-karts at an age when most kids are learning to read and write. When he retired in 2016, he said he wanted to spend more time with his young family—but he also headed over to California to explore the growing EV scene, with a visit to Tesla and a much-publicized ride on a Zero motorcycle.

In the years since, he picked up a personalized Energica Ego electric superbike. It's certainly a fitting choice for a former world champ, as Energica’s machines are currently the backbone of MotoGP’s Moto-E series. Now, Rosberg is giving away his Energica Ego in a charity draw.

The contest is intended to benefit the Italian Red Cross and the RTL Wir helfen Kindern children’s aid charity (find out more about that organization here). Donate via viprize.org, and you’ll receive entries in the draw. More money equals more entries, but a donation as small as five euros gets you entered.

Rosberg is known for his philanthropy, and it shows. Not only is he going to give away his bike, but for the handover, he’ll fly you and a friend to Monaco at his expense for a meet-up, and he’ll pay for your hotels as well. Once he gives you the bike, he’ll ship it anywhere, at his expense.All the money raised from the contest goes to the aforementioned charities, with none of this “expenses deducted” silliness. It’s very decent of him, remembering that not everyone is a wealthy ex-F1 champ, on the Mercedes payroll.

For more details, head over to the contest’s site. There, you can also see a selection of other secondary prizes; most are already gone, but there are a few signed mini-helmets left.

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