Want to buy Triumph riding gear or branded clothing, without leaving home? Now, you can—as long as you live in the U.K., where Triumph has just launched a new online store. 

It’s a sign of the times, as the motorcycle industry is seeing massive disruption thanks to COVID-19. The previous business model, which saw dealerships as the front line of the OEM’s organization, is just not working. In some areas, people are told to stay home, unless they’ve got essential business, and motorcycle dealerships don’t qualify. In other areas, riders are allowed to visit powersports stores, but are choosing to stay home because of worries of COVID-19 transmission. Also, some dealers can legally open their stores, but are keeping their operations closed, or closed to public visitation, over financial or health concerns.  

It’s all very weird, but in some ways, it’s provided the industry with a kick in the pants, towards more online-based operations. In the U.S., all the Japanese OEMs, as well as Indian, Ural, and Harley-Davidson, have announced some sort of shop-from-home program that sees bikes and/or accessories, parts and clothing all available via online ordering. Only a year ago, this would have been very difficult to coordinate with dealerships, but now, some insiders obviously see this as a very necessary method of keeping the finances flowing throughout the pandemic.  

That’s where Triumph is coming from, with its new online shop in the U.K. market. The new webstore is cleverly designed to sort out riding gear by style, so supersport riders aren’t stuck clicking through jet helmets and waxed cotton jackets. There’s something here for any street rider, though, from the ADV scene to naked bikes to scramblers. Enduro riders need not apply, as Triumph doesn’t sell dirt bikes, so obviously doesn’t sell gear aimed at that market. 

Pricing for the riding gear and clothing isn’t cheap, but then, nothing from Triumph is cheap. Shipping is included with the pricing, at least. There’s also a 60-day return policy, if you order the wrong size. 

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