Put on some pants, Honda Powersports is at the door!

The fine folks at American Honda just announced that the company is now offering home delivery of all its Honda Powersports products during the pandemic. That’s extremely good news if you’ve had a Honda in mind, and sadly watched as YamahaIndian, and Kawasaki all started offering similar programs.  

Much like the others, Honda is organizing this program for a limited time, and does not plan to continue it indefinitely. If you’re interested in making a purchase and taking delivery of any Honda Powersports vehicle, motorcycle or otherwise, you’ll need to contact your local dealer to discuss your options. 

While this program does extend throughout the U.S., different state and local regulations may be in effect that could supersede this Honda program. That’s why it’s best to talk to someone at your local dealership, to find out specifically how they’re handling home deliveries during this unprecedented time.  

It’s an all-new situation for all of us, including bike dealers, so everyone is doing what they can to adapt to these changing conditions and make the best of things as they are. Clearly, this won’t suit you if you aren’t absolutely certain that you know what bike you want. However, if you do, it’s nice to know that you could just place an order for your new Honda and have it delivered right to your door during this difficult time.  

Since many Honda dealerships also sell used bikes, does this mean that they’ll also offer home delivery of those bikes as well, if you were to purchase one? That’s unclear, and I’d imagine varies by dealer, as well as local rules and regulations. Any specific questions about the Honda powersports home delivery process are best answered by your local Honda dealer. Feel free to call them up and ask away. 

Source: Honda 

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