Are you stuck at home going out of your mind because you’re under quarantine? If you’re a rider, you’re probably dreaming about a life behind bars out on the open road instead of what feels like a life behind the prison bars of your home while you wait for everything to blow over. At the very least, you’d probably like to take a trip to the dealership to contemplate a new ride. Well now you can. Sort of. 

Indian Motorcycle just announced its new Click.Deliver.Ride program. With CDR, you just open a web browser (either on a computer or your mobile device) design your bike, and wait for delivery. 

Okay, it’s not quite that simple, but almost. Being able to design your new ride is nothing new. Until now, though, buying a bike online still meant going to the dealership in person and meeting with a salesperson to fill out the paperwork. Don’t forget, before you could even go to the dealership, you’d have to find someone to take you there. Assuming you wanted to ride your new bike home, that is. 

With CDR, you can do all the paperwork from the comfort of your couch, either online or over the phone. Once that’s done, the dealer will deliver your new ride direct to your driveway. You can probably even ask them to leave the keys under the doormat for maximum self-isolation. 

There are some caveats though. Indian says that this is a limited time offer. We’re guessing that means it’s probably only available until the pandemic ends. Also, it’s not available where laws prohibit it. 

Still, as long as it’s legal and you don’t snooze on this offer, you can get your new ride without ever having to meet another person face-to-face. Just a few clicks on your phone and you’ll be social-distancing like a pro in no time.

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