Because our friends from Mother Russia love us all, Ural posted an update on its plans for this time of Corona. Ural starts by wishing everyone stay safe and healthy, before going on to assure its customers that it has taken steps to assure that service to its dealers and customers will remain uninterrupted. 

Ural wants to assure customers that its dealers have plenty of inventory of standard and custom bikes to fill demand. Alsoits parts department in Redmond, Washington is still operating and ready to ship parts to its dealers and distributors. 

Ural is also implementing a direct to retail parts drop-shipping service. You simply order parts from any Ural dealer and they ship those parts directly to your house so you don’t have to interact with the dealer in person. This is also helpful as some dealerships may be operating at limited capacity or may be closed altogether. 

The company is currently experiencing interruptions from its European suppliers, especially in Spain and Italy, but have been planning accordingly. Expecting a dip in sales, and to keep parts available, Ural has halted production at its factory in Irbit, Russia, but employees are currently on paid leave. 

Ural is providing a 90-day warranty extension to all owners whose bikes are currently under warranty. It is also adding 90 days to the standard two-year manufacturer’s warranty for new sales between now and June 30, 2020. The company did not say whether it planany further warranty extensions if the situation goes on longer. 

The company says that many dealers are revamping sales techniques to limit contact between customers and dealers, such as deliveries and service by appointment and vehicle deliveries direct to the customer’s home. Some dealers may already be offering virtual showroom experiences via video chat, and Ural is working on ways to learn about their products through use of video-streaming tools. 


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