Have you bumped into all these personalities?

Going to the motorcycle dealership can be both exciting and intimidating. For some, the dealership makes them feel like a kid in a candy store, with all the new bikes to sit on, and all the gear and accessories to try on. While to others, the dealership feels like a place wherein all they want to do is to swindle you into giving them more money.

Nonetheless, going to the dealership is one thing all of us motorcycle owners have to go through at one point or another. Luckily, one of my favorite YouTubers, Yammie Noob, has made a video highlighting the seven key personalities you might encounter in a dealership. Hey, it's better to come in prepared, right?

The Knowledgable Sales Guy

The first on Papa Yam's list is the knowledgable sales dude. Like he says, this guy wants the best for you and genuinely wants you to get into the hobby of riding for the longterm. He'll hook you up with a nice beginner bike, and maybe even recommend a couple of motorcycle coaches for you to go visit and get your endorsement. Granted, it is his job to sell motorcycles, he may put a little pressure on you to make a purchase right then and there, so be prepared.

Devil's Advocate Sales Dude

The next guy can be considered the antithesis of the first guy. The devil's advocate sales dude will tempt you to get a liter bike, decked out adventure bike, or high performance sportbike. He wants your money and wants you to buy whatever will make him the most commission. 

The Shop Owner

Given the fact that most motorcycle dealerships in the USA are mom and pop businesses, the owners are inevitably more hands on in ensuring things run smoothly. As expected, the shop owner is one of the busiest bees in the hive, so don't expect him to come chat you up if he sees you in the showroom.

The Owner's Wife

On the other hand, the owner's wife may be more willing to chat you up and help you find what you're looking for. She may also sometimes fill the role of the knowledgable sales dudette at times. She'll lure you into what seems to be a trap by letting you sit on bikes and try on gear, then before you know it, you're signing the paper work to a brand new Yamaha R3.

The Guy Without An Endorsement

Surprisingly you may find yourself face to face with a mechanic or technician who doesn't have a motorcycle license, yet works on motorcycles. Can he be trusted? Does he really know what he's doing? Hell yeah, he can. Unsurprisingly you find out he's a retired stunter and has been riding bikes since his youth. Do note, a lot of riders ride dirty, but we definitely recommend you to have all your paperwork sorted out. 

Divorced Dude

This guy doesn't work at the dealership. He's just there to find consolation in the midst of all the loneliness he's going through. Yammie Noob illustrates this guy as a divorcee, however he may also be a dude going through a midlife crisis, more than eager to chat anyone up about his entire life story.

The All-Knowing Technician

Lastly, the all-knowing technician can be seen in nearly all dealerships. He's been there since their doors opened and has probably had a dozen other mechanic jobs prior to this one. He has a seemingly telekinetic relationship with motorcycles, able to diagnose a problem just by listening to it. He's someone you'd definitely love to have work on your motorcycle. 

So that wraps up the list of people you'll meet at a dealership. Have you met any of these personalities? Are you heading to the dealership anytime soon? Oh, that reminds me: I need to head over the the dealership to have my bike serviced.

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