Kawasaki is determined to keep the good times rolling in the US, even if the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is disrupting business. For the next few weeks, Kawasaki’s American subsidiary will be offering home delivery for Kawasaki powersports products. 

The move comes as many dealerships have closed their doors because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Some dealers remain open, but in many areas, confusion over what was considered “essential business” has caused some dealers to shut down (thanks to a recent decision from the feds, there should be less confusion now). In other areas, even though dealerships had the option to stay operational, they decided to close down anyway, as there wasn’t enough money coming in to keep paying staff wages. 

There are also some customers who can’t or won’t visit dealerships, even if they’re open, as they’re concerned about potential exposure to the coronavirus. 

For all those reasons, Kawasaki says it will now deliver its products directly to customers’ homes in the US. The new home drop-off program includes parts, accessories and apparel, as well as new powersports machines. Kawasaki’s press release uses the words “participating dealers,” which suggests the home delivery option won’t be available everywhere in the States. It also doesn’t mention whether there’s any cost for the service, but does say parts, accessories and apparel will be delivered by third-party services or common carriers.  

As for the vehicle deliveries, Kawasaki says its dealer network “is committed to providing a first-rate experience for vehicle deliveries, replicating as closely as possible the vehicle pickup experience at a dealership.”  

Dealership staff will perform the usual pre-sale inspections, and the delivery checklists are completed in the buyer’s presence. Dealership staff will deliver the vehicle and give buyers the rundown on how to run the machine, as well as give some information on maintenance and safety. 

Kawasaki didn’t announce an end date for the vehicle delivery program, but did say the parts and accessories delivery program will end May 31. 

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