Buy a Hayabusa from your couch.

Want to buy a Gixxer from your couch? Suzuki just announced that it’s doing home delivery in the U.S., like the competition, in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to Suzuki’s press release, the new Suzuki Direct 2 You program will deliver “motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs” directly to customers—there's no mention of Suzuki-branded clothing or OEM parts in the release. There’s also no mention of gear or parts on the Suzuki website. 

For decades, if you wanted to buy a motorcycle in the U.S., you’ve had to go through a dealership, but Suzuki and several other manufacturers have had to change things up, thanks to COVID-19. The U.S. federal government has declared powersports businesses have essential status, so dealerships should be able to legally remain open to customers. Nevertheless, many dealerships remain closed to the public. Some are offering limited service to customers, but many are closed down completely. Managers and owners are worried about staff health and safety, and also about financial viability. If dealership foot traffic is minimal, thanks to COVID-19 fears, then it’s expensive to run a business that nobody will visit. 

Even so, there’s still a demand for new motorcycles and other powersports products, so the industry is making these available through direct delivery programs. Suzuki’s system works the same as the rest of them: First, visit the company’s website to pick out the motorcycle (or scooter, or ATV) that you want. Then, pick out a dealer that’s close to you (Suzuki's dealer locater tool is here). Call the dealer, and they’ll sort the delivery details out, “ensuring the same quality of service as an in-store visit.” This most likely means Suzuki will send staff along with the bike, to make sure you know how to operate and maintain your new vehicle. 

Some jurisdictions may have fine-print rules about vehicle sales, so Suzuki’s offer may not be valid everywhere in the U.S.; the website also says the home delivery deal will end on June 30. Most dealers are likely hoping to be back in business at that point, at least to some extent. 

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