Who says you can't have fun on an automatic bike?

Back then, the thought of automatic motorcycles was something that was scoffed at. Surely, a true motorcyclist must be well versed in controlling each and every aspect of the motorcycle—chief of which would be navigating the transmission, right? Many people, in fact, don’t even consider scooter riders as motorcyclists, which goes without saying that they don’t see scooters as motorcycles. 

These days, however, two wheeled vehicles with automatic transmissions are no longer limited to the scooter world. There are indeed quite a number of badass adventure and sport touring motorcycles sporting automatic transmissions. Not to mention, modern automatic transmissions show us just how quickly technology advances, as most of the time, automatic transmissions prove to be more efficient than standard, manual boxes. 

So let’s forget about those stereotypes, and embrace the modern age of diversity. Because, just like us humans, motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes, too. Here are 5 awesome motorcycles with automatic transmissions that you can buy today. 

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