Is your 2020 Ducati Panigale V2 almost perfect? Have you been left fervently wishing for a shock absorber upgrade? If so, that’s a great problem to have at this exact moment in time. Here’s your good news: Öhlins just announced that its TTX GP shock is now available to fit your bike.  

Both fully hand-adjustable (no allen keys necessary) and precise, the TTX GP features a new 36mm solid piston and what the company refers to as a ‘next-generation piston band’ to enhance both traction and feedback. Track conditions, rider preferences, and all the many and various ways in which those factors intersect are easy to dial in to exactly the settings you want. 

While some things learned from MotoGP racing eventually inform how manufacturers build future bikes, we rarely see tech straight out of a top-tier race bike made available to the public. Keeping your tires solidly planted on the ground at all times is the most ideal scenario when you’re racing, and the race-proven TTX GP can help you do exactly that.  

Gallery: Öhlins TTX GP

With the current state of things, you may not have had a ton of time to go out and put your 2020 Panigale V2 to the test at track days. Even if that’s the case, the TTX GP has been available to the public for some time now, so you’re probably already familiar with what it can do. In fact, you may already have formed an opinion about whether you want to switch out that stock fully adjustable Sachs unit that came with your Panigale, or not.  

For anyone who wants a more up-close and personal look at the internal parts of the TTX GP, and especially if you’re curious about how it differs from the previous TTX Mark II, this video takes you inside both shocks to show you everything in greater detail.  

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