Eccity Motorcycles,  French electric motorcycle manufacturer specializes in designing and manufacturing electric scooters which fall under the 50cc and 125cc category of their gas-powered counterparts. This means that their models fall within the licensing restrictions set in European countries. The company seeks to democratize a mode of transportation that's lightweight, comfortable, and most importantly, has zero emissions. To add to this, the company has developed an extensive network of service centers and dealerships, to ensure their valuable customers' wheels keep turning. 

All of Eccity's electric scooters have been granted homologation for all countries in the European Union. This means that their scoots can be shipped anywhere across the European Union. For reference, Eccity's model range is available in Austria, Belgium, Germany, UK, Lituania, and Spain. One of the company's goals is to make the world's cities more breathable by way of reducing emissions, resulting in cleaner air. With a total of four models, the company seeks to transform personal mobility in Europe, one scooter at a time. 

Their smallest, and most beginner oriented scooter is the Eccity 50. At par with 50cc mopeds, it has a top speed of 27 miles per hour, and an impressive range of 78 miles. Boasting an elegant finish bearing a slight resemblance to that of modern Vespas, it gives off an elegant vibe unlike that of most 50cc mopeds in the market. As you work your way up Eccity's model range, you'll find that they also have 125cc counterparts. Named just that, the Eccity 125 and 125+ feature similar styling to that of the Eccity50, however receive a major power bump. The 125 gets a top speed of 62 miles per hour, and a range of 71 miles, while the 125+ gets a higher top speed of 74 miles per hour, sacrificing some range down to 67 miles. All of Eccity's scooters feature an all-digital dash with a wide array of information, and overall good ergonomic design.

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With more and more companies specializing in electric motorcycles popping up, as well as the innovations they bring to the table, mainstream manufacturers truly have their work cut out for them in making sure they stay relevant in the midst of the transforming industry. To see a more extensive list of specifications on Eccity's model range, check out their website here.

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