Back in the day, scooters were best suited for trips around town. This meant that they weren't really designed to be ridden for long periods of time across long distances. More often than not, when you think of a scooter, the first thing that comes to mind is a Vespa. Although still extremely popular, the world of scooters no longer sees Vespa as its sole benchmark. Over the years, scooters have grown from tiny little neighborhood runabouts to machines capable of covering more ground at higher speeds. Given their relaxed and docile nature, bigger scooters offered their riders utmost riding comfort, the convenience of an automatic transmission, as well as tons of storage space under the seat.

Known colloquially as Maxi Scooters, mid to large displacement scooters usually come with engines displacing 300cc or above. Some key Maxi Scooters that have gained popularity are the Yamaha X-Max, Yamaha T-Max, and Suzuki Burgman, to name a few. Honda has its own iteration of the Maxi Scooter in the form of the Forza 300, which has received a few nifty updates for 2020. 

To start things off, the new Forza 300 comes with a cool retractable wind visor with 140mm of adjustability. The visor can be adjusted on the fly via a toggle switch on the left handlebar. An updated fascia gives the Forza 300 a sleeker, more chiseled appearance, whilst the body lines integrate seamlessly into the various storage compartments this scooter offers. 


Speaking about storage, the Forza 300 is capable of storing two full face helmets under its long seat. This makes for a lot, and I mean a lot of storage capability. To add to this, it comes with an optional body-coloured top case to further boost the scoot's long ride ability. Storage compartments are also integrated into the front fairing of the scooter. Notably, the compartment on the left side can be locked, features a 12V socket, and is big enough to hold a mobile phone and a water bottle. 

Performance comes by way of the 279cc liquid cooled, SOHC, single cylinder engine. Producing a friendly 19 horsepower, it propels the scooter to a top speed of around 80 miles per hour, making it just about highway capable. The new Forza 300 comes in several color options such as Crescent Blue Metallic, Pearl Nightstar Black, Matt Cynos Grey Metallic, and Matt Pearl Cool White. A special edition Air Force Gray, will also be available. In this trim level, the body-colored top case, as well as some fancy red accent stitching come standard. Honda has yet to announce the official price of the new Forza 300.

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