The Philippines has seen a substantial spike in motorcycle sales over the past few years. Worsening traffic conditions, increased taxes on fuel and cars, and the overall increase in people’s need for mobility, mated with the country’s lackluster public transportation system have ultimately led to people making the shift to two wheels. This has resulted in the boom of low displacement, automatic transmission scooters. 

Honda Philippines Inc. (HPI), has been the country’s leading motorcycle manufacturer and distributor of Honda motorcycles for several years now. The company seeks to expand operations by producing 130,000 units of its new scooter per year starting 2020. Having gained mass popularity over the years, Honda’s BeAT scooter was previously manufactured in Thailand prior to Philippine operations starting up. A play on words with beat (not to be confused with Honda’s retro four-wheeler) and AT, or Automatic Transmission, the BeAT features an extremely friendly 110cc four stroke engine mated to a continuously variable transmission (CVT). It sports relaxed and comfortable ergonomics, allowing riders of all shapes and sizes to commandeer the scooter with confidence. 

Honda Philippines Inc. has rolled out three variants of the BeAT: the Premium, Fashion Sport, and Street. Priced at Php 66,900 for the Fashion Sport and Street models, and Php 70,400 for the Premium model, the little scooter comes in a multitude of colorways. The Premium variant is available in Matte Fiery Red, Matte Axis, and Gray Metallic. The Street variant comes in Euro Gray Metallic, Matte Axis Gray Metallic, and Ross White. Lastly, the Fashion Sport gets trendy colors such as Sahara Blue Metallic, Fighting Red, Vibrant Orange, and Black.  

Developing countries like the Philippines get tons of little bikes that have never, and probably will never reach American shores. Apart from small displacement scooters, the Philippine motorcycle market is also rich with high performance, premium bikes. Do you think bikes like the Honda BeAT and the Suzuki Raider J, which we wrote about last week have a place in the American or European market? Let us know in the comments below.

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