Pollution is a major issue for India and motor vehicles are responsible for over a quarter of air pollutants in the country. In April 2020, India’s latest emissions standards, BS-VI, will extend beyond the New Delhi National Capital Region and cover the rest of the country’s states. One possible solution to India’s crippling pollution is the development and adoption of electric vehicles. Indian EV startup One Electric is doing its part by announcing the KRIDN, the company’s first electric motorcycle. 

One Electric has developed the KRIDN over the past two years to meet the demanding road conditions and urban landscape of India’s cities. Modeled after a conventional 125cc motorcycle, KRIDN has a top speed of 55 mph along with a peak range of 75 miles in Eco mode and a reduced range of 50 miles in Normal mode. 

“We have partnered with leading manufacturers for best quality components like tires, suspension, lighting system, and seat,” said One Electric CEO Gaurav Uppal. “This ensures that the ride quality, functionality, and durability of our bike matches any 125cc motorcycle on Indian roads,”

Pronounced kree-done, One Electric named the bike after the Sanskrit word for play. While the retro design and small stature make the KRIDN look like a playful little bike, the New Delhi-based startup intends its electric motorcycle to reach India’s commuters. 

“Our locally developed and manufactured heavy duty chassis is designed to match our electric drive train requirements, and also to ensure a long life on tough road conditions,” said Uppal. “The battery, motor, and controller are also designed to provide high power and speed, along with ample range for city commute.” 

Though One Electric still has a patent pending for the design, the company plans to launch the KRIDN in New Delhi NCR in March 2020. The EV startup would distribute the model to Pune, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai thereafter. While Indian riders have a wait a bit longer for the KRIDN, we’re hoping its impact on pollution is swift and lasting.

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