Clench-factor: MAXIMUM.

I have seen (and done) a whole lot of stupid motorcycle-related things in my time. Wheelies gone hilariously wrong, crazy jumps, riding through bonfires on purpose, and bad decisions large and small; I've seen it all. That said, I've never seen anything as pants-on-head crazy as the stunt that the rider in this video pulls, however. See, like the title says, this intrepid young fool rode literally over a bridge.

This video sure does have a whole lot of suspense for something so short. I found it earlier today while scrounging around a wretched hive of scum and villainy Reddit for Friday stories. It features a nameless rider mounted on a dirt bike crossing a tiered arch bridge over an unidentified river somewhere in, I assume, the US. Instead of following the road across the bridge's deck like some kind of peasant, our man decided to ride up and over one of the bridge's steel arches. With an amazingly steady hand on the tiller, the rider rode up the graceful arch and back down the other side while cars passed beneath him. I couldn't tell you the exact height he topped out at since I don't know where the bridge is, but it looks very, very high indeed.

Now, I don't have to tell you that this little stunt was both stupid and extremely dangerous. It's probably also a felony. Watching the rider travel along that narrow beam, just wider than his bike, had me white-knuckling for the whole 22 seconds. I breathed an audible sigh of relief when he touched down on the other side. The whole thing is bonkers. I mean, I've always imagined doing that, but I've certainly never done so. I'm both impressed and horrified, if I met him in person I'd probably kick him as hard as I could straight in the junk for being such an idiot then buy him a beer for pulling it off. 

Since the video cuts off right as he leaves the arch I don't know what happened after his little stunt. As he's crossing you can just see a white van parked beneath the bridge with the doors open, and once he touches down you can see him start to turn down a little path toward where it's parked. A support team? A getaway vehicle? Who knows? Honestly, I'm just glad he made it. 

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